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Hello there. You may already know me: my name is Fernando Canales. I ran the restaurant at the Palacio Euskalduna conference centre for 19 years, and now we are presenting a new challenge in which Sodexo has decided to sign me up to run the kitchen at San Mamés. My philosophy has always been based on quality products, taste and above all emphasising that food should be enjoyed. We have put together a fine team at my Etxanobe restaurant to maximise the satisfaction that you get from your experience. That team is led by Sendoa Calvo.


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Athletic is a club that everyone in Bizkaia sees as their own, so our menu seeks to bring together a wide selection of dishes that feature in the local cuisine. Anchovies, cod, hake, squid and other fine products will be on the menu every day. I learned from masters of the cuisine of Bizkaia such as Genaro Pildain, Karmelo Gorotzategi and Angel Lorente, and I seek to honour their legacy in terms of fine cooking so that you can enjoy it at San Mames.

Whenever we bring out something new it will be posted on Instagram and Facebook.

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by fernando
fernando canales

#km0 #tradition #cuttingedge

We have designed a great show cooking table in the middle of the dinning room, where it will take place a lot of things, every month there will be a thematic cooking course whereby you can request showcooking meals and it may likewise invite your friends to cook with us at San Mames field.


#km0 #tradition #cuttingedge

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